Computer Science

Clearing the Fog: Obfuscators vs Protectors

Eazfuscator.NET is an obfuscator for .NET platform designed to protect .NET software from reverse-engineering and intellectual property theft. It belongs to the category of obfuscators.

There is another tool category that claims to be as useful as obfuscation: protectors.

While both obfuscators and protectors promise the same benefits, they are very different in instrumental parts of the implementation.

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Stable Topological Sort

Human beings take a lot of things for granted.

Just a straight example. Want to find a fast way to get the greatest common divisor of two numbers? Just use Euclidean algorithm. It would take minutes to find it in Google and port to your code.

Want to sort elements according to dependencies between them? No problem, there is a Wikipedia article on topological sort. It is so comfy to be on the shoulders of Titans.

World on Titan's Shoulders

Everything is documented, explained and proven. But...

What if there is no such thing invented yet?

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