Clearing the Fog: Obfuscators vs Protectors

Eazfuscator.NET is an obfuscator for .NET platform designed to protect .NET software from reverse-engineering and intellectual property theft. It belongs to the category of obfuscators.

There is another tool category that claims to be as useful as obfuscation: protectors.

While both obfuscators and protectors promise the same benefits, they are very different in instrumental parts of the implementation.

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Making a Product

Writing an application is just a half of the road. Another half is to make a product which can be used by other people. The most important aspect of a product is that it must be ready to be consumed by the customers. If a product is not consumable by…

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The concept of Eazfuscator.NET was born in early autumn of 2007. It became clear to me that there were no decent products available at that time.

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