Recent Connections in New Cloud Combine

New Cloud Combine 2.3, a great tool for managing the cloud services, brings a handy Recent Connections bar:

Recent Connections in Cloud Combine

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Shared Website Hosting or Azure?

That's a question I was asked for a long time in the past and I have a good answer now. First of all, it depends on what you want to achieve. If you are a hobbyist and want to pinch some pennies then shared web hosting will work quite well…

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Introduction to Cloud Combine

Dear Readers,

The first thoughts about making a cloud management tool appeared in September 2012 when we were starting to use Microsoft Azure storage to implement a content delivery for Eazfuscator.NET (this is one of our products).

Cloud Combine logo

We needed a tool to manage the files at our cloud, but it appeared that at the time the world lacked a proper solution.

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