Introduction to Cloud Combine

Dear Readers,

The first thoughts about making a cloud management tool appeared in September 2012 when we were starting to use Microsoft Azure storage to implement a content delivery for Eazfuscator.NET (this is one of our products).

Cloud Combine logo

We needed a tool to manage the files at our cloud, but it appeared that at the time the world lacked a proper solution.

Later, we came up with idea to combine support of many cloud technologies in one tool, which led us to the name: Cloud Combine.

Sure, there are tons of offerings aimed to access various parts of cloud services. I saw tens of tools for Amazon S3, a few tools to access Google Cloud and about seven to work with Microsoft Azure.

I tried every tool and was deeply disappointed. Nearly random people made low quality and dreaded tools. Bingo: there is nothing new here. However I just want the quality. I want the stuff that just works and looks good.

The critical amount of emotions made me a rebel again:

  • High quality is the requirement #1
  • No segmentation, segregation or separation. Cloud Combine should be a solid, easily-perceivable product
  • Cloud Combine features should be chosen carefully to avoid the cacophony

That is how Cloud Combine was born.

The cloud community just started to grow. A lot of people still use the old and good things such as shared hosting and dedicated servers but surely this will change in the future.

Whatever happens, just know that Cloud Combine is there and ready to cover you.

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