Guncraft Is in the Wild. Powered by Eazfuscator.NET

Andy Dunn, a lead programmer from Exato Game Studios, contacted us in July 2012 and asked whether Eazfuscator.NET was the right choice for games.

It was a good question. Not only because the answer was Yes.

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Code Optimizations Explained. Part 1

Eazfuscator.NET 3.7 brings new code optimizations: constant propagation and variable reordering. Sounds cool but what does it all mean?

We kept it in secret in the past. Now is the time to make it a public knowledge.

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High-level Optimization for .NET Applications. Delivered

Eazfuscator.NET always takes care about the performance of your applications since the very beginning. I often find myself thinking about some exotic code transformation for the sake of better code protection and a few days later I decide to not go into it.

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