Elements of Homomorphic Code Encryption

I have great news to share.

We were able to identify and leverage some useful properties of a partially homomorphic cryptosystem to achieve a considerably better obfuscation results.

How much better? Up to the point where parts of a program remain totally unobservable unless they hit the actual execution path. This means that such parts cannot be decompiled unless they are executed. In other words, they become statically undecompilable.

Full disclosure and details are to follow. Stay tuned for the future Eazfuscator.NET release and accompanying publications. Obfuscation remained one of the most intriguing challenges of a humankind. And it looks like we became one step closer to nailing it.

Eazfuscator.NET 2018.4 provides just some elements of homomorphic encryption as a part of code and data virtualization. The fully featured release of this technology is planned for Eazfuscator 2019.1.

Homomorphic encryption feature is on by default. If you have a project that was previously obfuscated by an earlier version of Eazfuscator.NET then you need to bump project compatibility version to 2018.4 or higher in order to take the benefits of homomorphic encryption.

UPDATE: The discovery is fully disclosed at dedicated article.

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