Your First Product

I know that a lot of Eazfuscator.NET users are product makers. And product creation still remains a twilight area.

Yesterday I stumbled upon Leon's Bambrick Your First Product and it got me hooked. Here is the excerpt I liked the most:

When you're building a product you need to view your product from the customer's point of view. You need to see it with "fresh eyes", with the eyes of a beginner.

This is very hard to do. In fact, it's impossible. But you must try.

That's an important point.

Software developers are often plagued by a tunnel vision. They may think they do the good to a customer, but in reality they do the damage. Growing an empathy for customers is a natural way to overcome that inherent mentality.

There is a lot more:

Your First Product by Leon Bambrick

Check it out:

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