XAML Renaming for Everything

All recent .NET technologies for User Interface (UI) are based on XAML. WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone and WinRT use XAML to define elements, events, data binding and other aspects of UI. Some of these technologies are new and inspirational...

Inspirational WinRT UI based on XAML

Sometimes they are tasteless:

Tasteless WinRT UI based on XAML

But still they all are based on XAML.

It depends on people who stand behind the technologies and applications. Perfect or mediocre, everything is created by people. So it is up to you how you would like to affect the situation.

Eazfuscator.NET 3.6 delivers XAML renaming for Silverlight, Windows Phone and WinRT applications. The feature is on by default but if you have a project that was previously obfuscated by an earlier version of Eazfuscator.NET and want to take the benefits of XAML renaming then please read a knowledge base article.

Merry Christmas!

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