Future Development

I am going to cover some future directions of Eazfuscator.NET development in this article.
There are three main milestones planned for this year:

  1. Flexible tuning  ✓done
    Eazfuscator works great for 90% of applications now. The rest of applications require some gentle obfuscation tuning. That's why such ability as namespace obfuscation control will be added.

  2. Encryption of embedded resources  ✓done
    This is useful feature which allows to hide all embedded resources of an assembly from prying eyes.

  3. Custom virtual machine  ✓done
    Custom virtual machine uses custom bytecode which is unknown to existing decompilation tools. Some parts of obfuscated .NET application can be translated from Common Intermediate Language (CIL) to the custom bytecode. The resulting code is then executed during runtime by embedded custom virtual machine which works on top of .NET runtime. Furthermore, the grammar of the custom virtual machine is randomly generated on every run of Eazfuscator.NET, so it's guaranteed that it will be nearly impossible to create a stable decompiler. This technique has some drawbacks, and the most outstanding one is performance degradation. So this means that custom virtual machine must be applied just to the most precious algorithms you want to hide.

If you have some other ideas then please don't hesitate to share, I'm always open to hear from you.

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