Deeper Visual Studio Integration

What if you had a personal assistant that could guide you through particulars of obfuscation?

Wait no more. Eazfuscator.NET 5.3 introduces a deeper Visual Studio integration that improves your productivity when it comes to obfuscation directives and configuration:

Eazfuscator.NET IntelliSense Suggestions

This is achieved by Visual Studio extension which is (optionally) installed by Eazfuscator.NET. Not only it provides the IntelliSense suggestions but also shows you quick tips right in the code:

Eazfuscator.NET IntelliSense Help Tips

Eazfuscator.NET also gives you relevant real-time information about possible misconfiguration:

Eazfuscator.NET IntelliSense Tip About Misconfiguration

Eazfuscator.NET extension for Visual Studio was made with performance in mind. For example, it is activated for obfuscated projects only and never looks at the projects which do not use Eazfuscator.NET. Moreover, it uses only the most efficient data structures, code and algorithms to make your work productive and pleasant.

Please note that Eazfuscator.NET extension for Visual Studio is optional (though highly recommended). You can remove it from the list of installed components in Eazfuscator.NET Setup or right from Visual Studio:

Eazfuscator.NET Visual Studio Integration Setup

The presence of Visual Studio extension does not affect the core obfuscation. It works fine with or without the extension.

Eazfuscator.NET extension for Visual Studio has a minimum requirement of Visual Studio 2015. It does not work with older Visual Studio versions.

Here is a brief overview of the extension in action:

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