Native DLL Exports from .NET Assembly

I was amused to find out that .NET assemblies can do native DLL exports with one and easy trick:

.method static void Rainbow()
    .export [1]
    ldstr      "Rainbow"
    call       void [mscorlib]System.Console::WriteLine(string)

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User Interface Testing. Levelled up with AI

Eazfuscator.NET is a production tool. This means a lot of people rely on it every day. That fact puts a great responsibility on us.

Eazfuscator.NET has hundreds of automated tests. Nearly everything is tested: obfuscation impact on serialization, reflection, code semantics, user interface etc.

User interface (UI) testing turned out to be a twilight zone of computer science. That's why we had researched and developed a testing technology for user interface that is based on artificial intelligence (AI). And I think it will amaze you.

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NuGet Deployment

Eazfuscator.NET 4.3 can now be deployed via NuGet.

NuGet logo

Historically Eazfuscator.NET is deployed as .MSI file that can be downloaded from the website. That's an awesome way of delivering Eazfuscator.NET to your development machine.

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Obfuscation for Unity Game Engine

Eazfuscator.NET 4.1 brings official support for Unity applications. This is the great addition since Unity got a lot of traction during recent years.

Unity splash

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Guncraft Is in the Wild. Powered by Eazfuscator.NET

Andy Dunn, a lead programmer from Exato Game Studios, contacted us in July 2012 and asked whether Eazfuscator.NET was the right choice for games.

It was a good question. Not only because the answer was Yes.

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Eazfuscator.NET Meets Twitter

It took me a long time to understand whether Twitter is useful. I'm not that old fashioned, but just look at this: Rain. Amuse me somebody. Just posted a photo. Twitter looks like a junk yard at first sight. I shared my opinion with my friend and surprisingly his answer…

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